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Gone Too Far
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Gone Too Far
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From Natalie D. Richards, the New York Times bestselling author of mystery books for teens, comes a YA psychological thriller book about a girl pulled into a dangerous revenge plot she can't escape,...
From Natalie D. Richards, the New York Times bestselling author of mystery books for teens, comes a YA psychological thriller book about a girl pulled into a dangerous revenge plot she can't escape,...
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  • From Natalie D. Richards, the New York Times bestselling author of mystery books for teens, comes a YA psychological thriller book about a girl pulled into a dangerous revenge plot she can't escape, perfect for fans of Karen McManus and Natasha Preston.

    Piper Woods can't wait to graduate and leave high school—and all its annoying cliques—behind. But when she finds a mysterious notebook filled with the sins of her fellow students, Piper is suddenly drowning in their secrets.

    And she's not the only one who knows them. An anonymous text invites Piper to choose to punish the cheater, the bully, or the shoplifter. The popular kids with their dirty little secrets. With one text, Piper can make them pay.

    But the truth can be dangerous...

    A great buy for readers who want:
  • Teen fiction with romance and suspense
  • Pulse-pounding twists and turns
  • Shocking mysteries
  • Praise for Natalie D. Richards:
    "As addictive as it is unpredictable. Natalie will keep you second guessing until the nail-biting end."—NATASHA PRESTON, New York Times bestselling author of The Cabin on My Secret to Tell
    "Brimming with suspense and intrigue."—MEGAN MIRANDA, New York Times bestselling author of All the Missing Girls on My Secret to Tell

    Also by Natalie D. Richards:
    Five Total Strangers
    Six Months Later
    My Secret to Tell
    One Was Lost
    We All Fall Down
    What You Hide


  • From the book


    Late. So late. I slam the car door behind me and race across the parking lot. My hair is tangled in the strap of my messenger bag, my shoes are untied, and I have no idea how I'm going to get to my locker without getting caught. I have to try because I need those chemistry notes.

    Technically I needed them last night when I'd actually had time to study for my midterm, but I didn't think it was a big deal. I know the material, and I figured I could do a little last-minute cramming during first period homeroom. It was a decent plan until my phone battery died, taking my morning alarm down with it. Now I'll be lucky to catch the last ten minutes of first period.

    I hop the curb and slow as I slide into the shadow of the ancient brick school. It's probably not classy to barrel through the door like an escaped convict. Of course, it probably wasn't classy flying into the parking lot doing Mach 2 either.

    I check my barely charged phone for the time as I climb the first step. My foot slips on something halfway up the stairs. It's like hitting a patch of ice. I lunge for the handrail and jerk myself upright, glaring down at the thing that tripped me-a dropped notebook.

    Nothing special. It's a plain, spiral-bound pad, the kind you can get on sale at the drugstore for less than a buck. Pretty much worthless, except I know it's probably chock-full of notes. Notes someone will likely need during midterm week.

    Oh, fine.

    I snatch the notebook off the steps and shove it into my bag. Lost and Found is going to have to wait though. It's in the student store, which is on the opposite side of the school.

    I climb the rest of the stairs and pull the heavy door open. It shuts behind me with a low whump, and warm, oil-soap tinged air closes around me. The office waits to my left, and the main hallway, long and dim, leads to classrooms and stairwells. My fingers and cheeks tingle, recovering from the bite of the wind.

    When this hallway is empty, the stillness feels like something that lives and breathes. And waits. I shake it off and rush into the front office. Showing up late to class is bad enough. Showing up without a pass will land me in detention.

    Mrs. Bluth and Mrs. Pruitt sit behind the high wooden counter, two round-faced mom types who, as far as I can tell, never leave this room. When we were freshmen, Manny and I used to take bets on whether or not they took bathroom breaks.

    "Good morning, Piper," Mrs. Bluth says, her smile bright. She pushes the sign-in clipboard toward me. "Yearbook assignment this morning?"

    Why didn't I think of that? I spend countless hours here taking pictures of one thing or another for the yearbook. I shake my head though, and wait while she writes my pass.

    "Now, straight to class. If you need to visit your locker, you can do so between periods."

    "Sure." I force a smile though my shoulders sag. Honestly, I should have given up on the ride here. It's not like I'd have enough time to really look anything over. There are nineteen minutes left in the period, and my locker is twelve thousand miles away from everything else. Seriously, I should get PE credit for the hike. Even if I did sneak up there unnoticed, I'd only have fifteen minutes to study while pretending I'm paying attention.

    Not worth it.

    I arrive at homeroom where Mr. Stiers is passing out packets to the class. The second I step inside, he swivels on his feet, dark eyes fixing on me.

    "Good morning, Piper."


About the Author-

  • After years as a professional paper-pusher, NATALIE D. RICHARDS decided to trade in reality for a life writing YA fiction. She lives in Ohio (Go Bucks!) with her husband, three children, and a ridiculously furry dog named Yeti. This is her second novel. Visit her on Twitter @natdrichards or at nataliedrichards.com.


  • Publisher's Weekly

    November 24, 2014
    Richards (Six Months Later) delivers a gripping whodunit with a challenging ethical dilemma at its center. High school senior Piper Woods finds a journal filled with incriminating revelations about her classmates. Soon after, Piper begins to receive text messages from an unknown source who is determined to right the wrongs that led to the death of Stella DuBois, a classmate caught in a compromising act. Piper, an outsider and the yearbook photographer, picks each target, and her mystery accomplice fits the punishment to the crime. The plan works a little too well, and as Piper gains a boyfriend and chronicles the demise of the popular clique through her lens, she finds that her family and friends are targets themselves. Faced with the decision to reveal herself, Piper must also uncover her accomplice, a situation that leads to violence. Richards maintains a quick pace and creates enough red herrings to keep readers guessing. The subtext of the novel, that change is inevitable, is poignant and clearly established through the characterization of Piper and her friends. Ages 14–up. Agent: Cori Deyoe, 3 Seas Literary Agency.

  • School Library Journal

    January 1, 2015

    Gr 7 Up-Piper Woods is a senior who trips on a notebook that will change her life forever. Before she can turn it in, she makes the mistake of looking inside and discovers that omeone has been keeping tabs on the entire student body. Included are photos with students's eyes gorged out. Could the terrible things written inside be true? One of the secrets could get Piper's best friend, Manny, into serious trouble. Figuring out who the author of the notebook is takes center stage. After the death of a fellow student, Piper gets in over her head, and some readers may struggle with Piper's decision to not turn in the notebook to the authorities. In the midst of figuring it out, someone starts texting Piper and asks her to send a name and "make them pay" for the death of the student. Piper gives a name and what was meant for justice turns into innocent people getting hurt. During all of this, romance springs up between Piper and one of the guys on the football team, Nick. Themes include bullying, suicide, and relationships. An additional purchase where mysteries with hints of romance are popular.-Jesten Ray, Seattle Public Library, WA

    Copyright 2015 School Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.

  • Publishers Weekly "Richards (Six Months Later) delivers a gripping whodunit with a challenging ethical dilemma at its center... Richards maintains a quick pace and creates enough red herrings to keep readers guessing."
  • Nerd Problems "While I've never read a book by Natalie D. Richards before, 'Gone Too Far' has definitely made me a believer in her work and I'll be picking up more! It's hard to do... but a definite 5 out of 5 stars. I definitely enjoyed 'Gone Too Far'."
  • The Best Books Ever " I loved the characters, the fast-paced plot. The lessons you learn. Gone too Far is a great story, and I would absolutely recommend it to.... well, anyone really! I think this is a story that people of all ages can learn from, and enjoy!"
  • Bookmark It "[A] really great mystery that kept me guessing until the very end! It was well-paced and consistently engaging throughout."
  • Boricuan Bookworms "Natalie D. Richards once again constructed a highly believable mystery/suspense with a likable main character and an adorable romance. My verdict? Don't miss out! :) "
  • Her Book Thoughts "Overall, Gone Too Far is really a brilliant and exceptional book. The plot is well thought, the characters are believable and if you're looking for a stay-up-all-night-forget-everything kind of read, this is it! "
  • Once Upon a Twilight "If you love mystery, then this one is a good one to read."
  • The Bookish Outsider "Well written and well rounded characters, an all too believable storyline with a likeable and relatable main character and romance that wasn't the be-all & end-all of the book, even though it definitely ruffled a lot of high school feathers, make for an extremely enjoyable read with just the right amount of suspense."
  • Buried Under Books "[Richards] has a sure touch when it comes to depicting teens and their world... She sees into these kids and finds their innermost beings, their hearts and souls, whether good, bad or indifferent."
  • Fiction Fare "If you are looking for a great story with a bit of mystery, some action, and some swoony parts, I recommend you check this one out."
  • Teen Reads "GONE TOO FAR will definitely be loved by many teens who are into suspenseful, holding-onto-your-breath-as-you-read novels. "

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Gone Too Far
Gone Too Far
Natalie D. Richards
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Gone Too Far
Gone Too Far
Natalie D. Richards
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